Born in Uganda, East Africa, Deo came to appreciate the beauty of nature and art as being part of him at an early age. He is a graduate of Kean University in Union, NJ and majored in Interior Design-CIIDA/FIDER. After graduation in 2009, he spent four years working as a designer for New York Expo Designs. He now works for a non-profit organization for people with developmental disabilities.

With the ever-fading traditions of cultures, he strives to represent Africa thru his love of painting as storytelling. He is a versatile and talented artist who paints in different mediums to depict the daily life folklore and wildlife of Africa. Like his grandmother used to say, "Healing comes through storytelling and art with the use of color is story telling in its self."

Most of his oil paintings are celebrated with saturated deep primary colors typical of African art. His biggest influences, aside from his art teacher in college are Monet impressionist painting.